Earth and Beyond

It is now 2300, let me tell you of what has happened.

2050 – After continued population growth, dewindeling natural resources, and government corruption, the first world nations band together and form UE (Unified Earth). The UE members immeditialy begin to redistribute natural resources and populations. The poor become expendable, while the rich become richer. UE is ruled by a board of directors appointed by the 20 largest corporations and view profits as top priority.

2058 – Corporations begin the view the solar system as a way to increase natural resources that have become rarer on Earth. A new space station is deemed the first step to these resources, so a plan is made to create a new space station.

2062 – Several Mega-Cities riot as a major water shortage begins to kill thousands, UE Board of Directors authorizes lethal force to quell the riots. Public outrage threatens to spread the riots to all major cities, so 50% of the board are fired and prosecuted. A promise of desalinization plants to help with the water shortages seems to quiet the majority, while the vocal few seem to disappear. No one questions the new water taxes.

2092 – The first manned mission to Mars ends in a disaster as the return craft engine fails and ignites a fire killing the entire crew. Though all samples are lost, the data from the mission is invaluable and answers most questions.

2108 – Using the data from the Mars mission, a 2nd manned mission is launched to prepare Mars for Mars Colony 1.

2114 – 2122 – Mars seeding program is started. Mars will be seeded with hydrogen fission engines, these engines include a cargo of algae that is genetically modified for Mars to generate O2 from CO2 in the atmosphere while the fission engines create H2O under the sea of algae. This program is thought to take 200 years to completely terra-form Mars.

2185 – The Generation Man program is started, these genetic humans will be planted in giant generation ships to seed the stars.

2203 – The first Generation Man is created and successfully gestated in a lab

2205 – The first batch of Generation Men are gestated in a Zero-G gestation lab.

2209 – The Keel of the first Generation Ship is begun in orbit around Earth.

2211 – The Keel of the second Generation Ship is begun in orbit around Luna.

2215 – The Keel of the third Generation Ship is begun close to Eros.

2224 – The Keel of a fourth Generation Ship is begun at Hygia.

2230 – The first Generation ship is launched with a crew of normal humans to begin the journey.

2234 – The second Generation ship is launched with a crew of normal humans to get the ship underway.

2236 – Questioning the morality of sending unborn children (the Generation Men) out into space, the original batch of Generation Men revolt at the L4 ship yard. The succeed in capturing several frigates and a destroyer. The ship yard is sabotaged, and all upper management are dumped into space through the airlock. This begins the Generation War.

2236 (late) – A strike on the Zero-G Generation Man labs, bolsters the Generation Man army. The lab is then sent on a one way course with the Sun.

2238 – The Generation War is costly for UE, though the Corporations are never directly threatened, profits are down as the inner planets are engulfed in war.

2240 – Mar declares independence from UE, and asks for peace from the Generation Men.

2245 – The Generation War ends as the remains of the Generation Men flee into the belt and outer planets. The Luna accords are signed outlawing all Human DNA Genetic manipulation.

Places of Interst

Earth and Beyond