Places of Interst

Earth – 15 Billion – Birth place of humanity, mega cities house more than 90% of the population. The rest of the planet is a mix of farms (both land and sea), uninhabitable zones (from wars as well as over mining/ industrialization) and areas that have been designated as regrowth zones. Earth currently supports the only space elevator.

Luna – 200 Million – A mix of resorts, low-G farms, mining and several penal farms.
L1 – 15,000 – Solar Power station and near Sun Research station
L2 – 12,000 – Communication and Telescope station
L4 – 22,000 – Capitol ship yard
L5 – 19,000 – Capitol ship yard
Mars – 4 Billion – Currently the population lives under domed cities, with self-contained mines and subterranean farms. The plains are currently covered in a blue algae to help terraform the red planet along with polar based solar mirrors that bring up the temperature in the polar caps. The process is expected to take another 80 years.

Phobos & Deimos – 15,000 each – Phobos and Deimos have been holed out, and are now used as space stations. Phobos is a communication/ research stations while Deimos is the Martian Militaries Primary ship yard.

The Belt – Unknown but thought to be more than 50 million – Most of the larger asteroids have been holed out and several stations have been built. The rest of the belt is inhabited by junk family miners or small corporations that mine the belt hoping for the next big score.

Ceres – 6 Million – Ceres is the largest station in the belt, built on the dwarf planet, it is a shipping port between the inner and outer planets. Tycho Mfg. holed out the dwarf planet and spent 10 years spinning it up to about .3Gs. The port docks between 800 and 1,000 ships every day, with about 1 million more visitors.

Eros – 1.5 Million – Eros is one of the first asteroids colonized by man, though most if the tunnels are narrow, the station underwent an update about 10 years ago and it now houses one of the largest casinos in the solar system. It has become a common gathering point for mining, shipping and even some pirate crews. It spins at about .3Gs.

Pallas – 3 Million – Pallas is the housing for many of the corporations that now work in the belt and the outer planets. It is also a relay stations in the belt for communications, and is home to a UN fleet harbor. The warehouse facilities are small compared to other stations of this size. Pallas spins at .3Gs.
Vesta – 4 Million – Vesta was colonized soon after Eros, correcting many of the mistakes that were made in Eros. It now has one of the largest yeast and algae farming grounds and produces most of the low cost food in the belt. It spins at about .3Gs.
Hygia – 20,000 – Hygia station is the largest construction base in the belt, it is one of four shipyards in the solar system that can construct capital ships. Hygia also houses the largest low-G manufacturing plate, and with the mining provided in the belt, it produces some of the cheapest goods in the solar system.
Jupiter – Though Jupiter has no colonies, her moons are home to more than 45 million with large colonies on Ganymede and Callisto.
Ganymede – 30 million – Ganymede is the bread basket of the outer solar system, great domes and orbital mirrors allow the planet to grow a large variety of crops. Below the ground are at least 10 stories of tunnels, almost like inverted city.
Io – 30,000 – Io research station houses not only several energy research teams and their families but also a manufacturing for power cells.
Europa – 2 Million – Underwater research base currently is doing research on the viability of off-world underwater cities, there are currently 6 different cities with two more under construction.
Callisto – 13 Million – Similar to Ganymede, Callisto currently houses several domed agricultural sites. Though not as productive as Ganymede, it still has been deemed a success.
Saturn –Though Saturn has no colonies, her moons are home to more than 20 million. The Rings of Saturn provide most of the water to the outer planets and belt.
Titan – 8 Million – The resort planet is home to several domed cities and orbiting stations that view the beauty of the 6th planet.
Rhea – 3 Million – Several doomed cities dot the surface of the Moon, tunnels make of the majority of the cities with underground trains linking them together. The moon has a large amount ice that provides water and oxygen to Titan.

Places of Interst

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